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Therapeutic Assessment is a semi-structured form of collaborative psychological assessment, designed to help clients gain new insights and make changes in their lives.

Therapeutic Assessment also assists and involves other important individuals, such as mental health professionals, family members, and teachers who have questions about clients taking part in a therapeutic assessment.

This web site provides information to clinicians interested in learning and practicing Therapeutic Assessment, individuals interested in referring someone for a therapeutic assessment, and clients who may wish to take part in a therapeutic assessment.

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✶ Training dates for 2014 are now listed in the training section.

✶ Current and past The TA Connection newsletters are now available
   to download in the library section.

✶ The Inaugural Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment Conference
   is scheduled for September 12-13, 2014 at the AT&T Conference
   Conference Center, The University of Texas at Austin.
   To register, click here.
   The call for papers may be downloaded here.
   Pre-conference workshops are listed on the Level 1 training page.

✶ Click here for information on the Immersion Course on Therapeutic
   Assessment with Adult Clients, to be held in Massa Carrara Italy,
   May 26-30, 2014.